In recent years, UNIDO has assumed an enhanced role in the global development agenda by focusing its activities on poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. Our services are based on two core functions: as a global forum, we generate and disseminate industry-related knowledge; as a technical cooperation agency, we provide technical support and implement projects.

Today, the Organization is recognized as a highly relevant, specialized and efficient provider of key services in support of the interlinked challenges of reducing poverty through productive activities, promoting the integration of developing countries in global trade through trade capacity building, fostering environmental sustainability in industry, and improving access to energy.

Our long-term vision is to aspire to a world of opportunity where progress is equitable, accessible and sustainable and where the alleviation of poverty is considered a common aim and global responsibility. UNIDO’s role is that of an informed institution, in tuned with the goals of its partners and capable of making an effective contribution to industrial development and sustainable development.

UNIDO SPX South Africa Programme

The UNIDO SPX program is part of a large regional programme that comprises several interlinked components, one of which is for establishing in each country a sub-contracting and partnership exchange (SPX) centre for linking suppliers to large scale buyers in the countries.

The overall aim of the SPX program is to maximise the economic impact of large scale international and local investors as well as state owned companies (SOC) by developing capacity of the local supplier base in selected African countries to successfully compete.

UNIDO is currently contracted to the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) to implement a series of tools and initiatives to align local suppliers with buyer networks in support of the CSDP programme. The tools include supplier profiling, benchmarking, supplier capacity building and matchmaking to assist in linking suppliers to industrial development support.

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